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Cynet East Africa is a renowned consultancy firm specializing in organizational development, human resources and strategic management solutions. We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional services to a diverse range of clients. Cynet is a market leader in offering professional consultancy services in areas including Training and Capacity Building, Team Building Services, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training Needs Assessment (TNA), Employee Engagement Services, Organizational Change Management, Organizational Capacity Assessment among others. We pride ourselves in creating and sustaining supportive relationships where objective and timely advice enables our clients to thrive, develop and succeed with keen interest in Human Resources Development and Capacity Building enhancing efficiency at workplace. Your success is our happiness.

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Stata for Data Analysis

Data analysis with Stata is designed to train course participants to be professional data analysts. It is designed for participants without or with very little experience using Stata, but it requires basic knowledge on descriptive statistics. Course participants will learn how to “talk” to Stata, importing data to Stata, constructing a workflow in Stata, dealing with missing data, data manipulation, running basic statistical routines, combining datasets, programming, creating communicative graphics, running regression models, and presenting statistical results.

Pandas for Data Analysis

This introductory course to Pandas is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of data manipulation and analysis in Python using the Pandas library. You’ll discover how to work with data frames, perform essential data operations, and gain a foundational understanding of data handling techniques

Excel for Dashboard Creation

Its introduction is on Excel dashboard creation. The program is designed for beginners who want to learn how to build effective and visually appealing data dashboards in Microsoft Excel. You’ll gain hands-on experience in creating interactive and informative dashboards to present and analyze data effectively.

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