Financial Modeling Using Advanced Excel: Kenya Pipeline Company.

Course Description: Financial modeling is an essential skill for professionals in finance, investment banking, corporate finance, and other related fields. This course provides an in-depth exploration of financial modeling techniques using Microsoft Excel, focusing on advanced methods for building and analyzing financial models. Participants will learn how to create sophisticated Excel models to support investment decisions, valuation, and financial planning. Topics covered include:

  1. Excel Fundamentals: A brief review of Excel basics and essential functions for financial modeling.
  2. Financial Statements Modeling: Building integrated income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for forecasting and valuation purposes.
  3. Forecasting Techniques: Exploring various methods for revenue, expense, and growth rate projections.
  4. Valuation Models: Constructing discounted cash flow (DCF) models and using Excel to perform valuation analyses.
  5. Sensitivity Analysis: Analyzing the impact of changing assumptions on financial models and valuation outcomes.
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